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Doors for download, Nested Panels and Nested Frames..

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    Doors for download, Nested Panels and Nested Frames..

    There have been a bunch of posts and emails over the months, regarding Nested Panels and Frames. In light of that, ive uploaded our entire Door Library for people to download and reverse engineer for their own benefit, if they are interested.

    My personal belief is Door Content is so deeply rooted in particular Office Standards, that they wont be much use to anyone except in deconstruction.

    A few notes about my door library:

    EDIT: First important part. The way they work is you only place the ones that say DOOR at the beginning of their name, obviously. You dont place the frames manually, or the panels, even if you want a panel-less opening. Our schedule uses a Filter for "Panel 1: Type" set to (parameter exists), which will always be present in a Beck Door. We have a pair of VG Filters in every view in our template, and in every view template: One for panels, one for frames. That way they can quickly turn off panels and frames, tag all door using Tag all not tagged, and turn the frames and panels back on.

    1. They arent idiot Proof. All the frames and panels are Shared. They depend on you not trying to put a panel in as a frame, and vice versa. I dont mind this. They also depend on you knowing that a Double Egress door requires a particular frame, and that it wont work if you use the wrong one.

    2. Many of the panels are actually the same file, just with a save as done, and the parameter values changed. This is intentional. We schedule the Panel Type and Frame Type, and in revit, having a Family name and a Type name the same means they schedule as "P02" only, instead of "P02: Px." So we have a lot of these families which are technically the same family, just with different variables typed. That was how we accomodated the Office Standard.

    3. The panels themselves have Nested (unshared) Sub-panels in them, for a similar reason. Given the opportunity to completely start over, im not sure i would do this, but i inherited them that way, and there are no NEGATIVE side effects, so i left them alone.

    4. Swings are nested as well.

    5. Most of our frames are commercial style. We use the exact same system (and have special Family Templates ready) for both Panels and Frames, so nothing changes for Residential Doors, or Wood Frames. We just dont have them stocked, since we dont use them often.

    6. The Frames all start with F, or with NF (no frame). The Panels all start with P, or NP. There are a bunch of panels and frames starting with O, S, X, etc. These are ALL for use in the Commercial Sliders. Hard to explain the logic behind them, but they work perfectly. The Commericial Sliders dont report panel types or sizes in our schedule, since i used different SP's for them. They can (they used to) but since theyre bought as assemblies we WANTED them to not report.

    7. There are a lot of parameters im sure most people dont care for (reference the Blog post about Throat By Host), but we use them, ergo they are there.

    Have fun!

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    Aaron "selfish AND petulant" Maller |P A R A L L A X T E A M | Practice Technology Implementation
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    i like to inspect new toys thx for sharing


      That is extremely kind Aaron.

      Many thanks :beer:
      William Sutherland rias riba
      WS Architecture Ltd


        Originally posted by Twiceroadsfool View Post

        ... they wont be much use to anyone except in deconstruction....
        You STILL don't know me very well, do you? I'm like the Hamburglar, except with Revit...............:laugh:

        Thanks for sharing. Let me know when you upload your templates. :laugh:


          If i ever do a template class, there will be "a version" available there, which will just be a simpler version of the Beck one, done at home. But im not building an entirely seperate template just to post, and its the one thing i cant post.
          Aaron "selfish AND petulant" Maller |P A R A L L A X T E A M | Practice Technology Implementation
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            How do you schedule the information from your doors? I've been playing around with nested panels and frames for a while now but I haven't been able to get the information from the nested families to read in the schedule without creating extra parameters that need to be manually coordinated.


              We schedule the Panel Type, and the Frame Type, as theyre all shared parameters.. The Frame and Panel Materials and Finish are all Nested Through, so it schedules from the parent door.
              Aaron "selfish AND petulant" Maller |P A R A L L A X T E A M | Practice Technology Implementation
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                Aaron, just finished disecting your blog post about doors, I'm still curious about how you deal with sidelights.

                Are you saying that you let your users create new nested frames with the sidelight configuration? I know you don't schedule the sizes but rather dimension them in frame elevations. In which family do you then put all the glazing, casements and other phaff?

                Great blog post BTW and thanks a mil for sharing the doors.

                I'm off to tear them to shreds... :-)
                Darryl Store - Associate (BIM)
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                  The nested frames have parameters in them, so if someone needs a sidelight thats a different SIZE, they cna opened F22 (or whatever) do a save as to F28, and change the dimensions, reload. Its much simpler than having them custom make stuff.

                  Glazing and operable windows go in the Frame families as well... The glazing just isnt currently modeled in yet, while we were discussing some things. Its making its way back in now.
                  Aaron "selfish AND petulant" Maller |P A R A L L A X T E A M | Practice Technology Implementation
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                    i was playing with the doors (thank you for sharing), when i tried to schedule them i get every single door instance for sliding and double doors i used some filters to clean them, so how do you deal with this?, do you have a sample of your door schedule that you can share , i'm curious to see how you deal with the interior sliding doors in the schedule.
                    Thank you


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