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Behavior of Callouts in Dependent Views::

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    Behavior of Callouts in Dependent Views::

    Hello All,

    Quick question regarding behavior of callouts in dependent views.

    We have a large floor plate broken up into three sections. We have used three dependent views to manage the information of the plates in question. On two of the floor plates we are documenting we have a condition where a callout reference is required to cross over the boundary of two of the dependent views.

    The issue we are having is that the callout sticks out past the crop region of the dependent views, where we would expect it to be cut off at the crop location.

    It does not appear anything can be done about this, but I am hoping I am missing something and we can solve the issue without 'faking' the reference.

    Does anyone have any techniques to get around this!?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    If you only want to hide the part of the Callout sticking, just use a Masking region with <Invisible Lines>.

    Sorry my bad... does not work!!!
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    - Peter -


      But you can hide the Callout in one Dependent View. It seems that hiding Callouts (Other stuff) doesn't effect the other Dependent Views. Of cause you have to draft the part of the Callout you want to see with Detaillines.
      - Peter -


        Hi Peter,

        We ended up drafting in the callout boundary lines and using a reference callout to show the reference (we made the boundary of the reference very small). In this case the view was created using a callout, but the actual callout is hidden in the dependent views. In hindsight this view could have also been a copy of the original view instead of a callout because of the work around to create the reference.

        Thanks for your reply.


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