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How To do kitchen island

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    How To do kitchen island

    What is the best way to do a island in revit 2008

    Welcome to the forum.

    The question is not very clear: what is the best way to do a kitchen island?
    Well, a kitchen island is a family of the casework category, which might include a nested family of a specialty equipment, such as cook top. (See attached) The rest depends on the design of the island. There is no best way to do it.
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      Alfredo is right, it depends more on A. how the island is getting built and B. how you like to work.

      What he shows here is an all-on-one family with nested bits, which for a multifamily project would be perfect.

      We typically would have the cabinets be Families, but the countertops might be in-place Families instead so that we could design them in-place for future CNC cutting. We'd much more likely be doing a single office or house, and making lots of custom stuff.

      With lots of the content in Revit it's more about the project and how you like to work than it is about it being 'right'!
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        My assumption with the little info provided is perhaps you are a new user and just need to add in an island with the out of the box content. If that is the case, try bringing in some of the casework families, and add a counter top. THe counter top does have a backslash, but selecting the counter top and Editing the family will take you to the family editor where you can create a flat countertop.

        I would also check websites such as and websites for possible island configurations. Eventually as Alfredo mentioned above, you will want to learn how to create/edit families.
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