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    Revit - Robot Office Processes


    I'm wanting to ask a similar questions to this thread, but didn't want to hijack it so I thought I'd start my own.

    We have started a sub-department within our office for Engineering Design of our concrete structures. So far we have a Senior Engineer, two Graduate Engineers (with little Robot experience) and a Junior Engineer (with little Robot experience).

    The plan so far is to create the initial model in RST from ACAD drawings (because the Architect still refuses to use Revit). Then to export that model to Robot for various different initial analysis plus ongoing analysis. Then I'm guessing we pass that information back to the RST model for final designing changes and then we start to hook in to create fabrication and builders layout drawings in Revit/ASD.

    I'd be keen for some more in-depth information from experienced users on what we really should be doing as far as processes and handover between departments/models in concerned. Can anyone please decribe the way they perhaps do anything similar to the above and/or even industry best practice.

    One of the critical questions we need answered is how do we best organise this team of Engineer's to be productive? Can they all collaborate on a central model within Robot (like in Revit) or do they need to 'pass' each other a stand alone model to work on? How do Engineering firms work with Robot in a team environment?

    The other one is that it's possible to start the design directly in Robot, what are the benefits of this? Is it best to start the design in Revit for transfer to Robot or Robot first?

    I think what is unique about our situation is that we are a fully integrated team (Engineering Design and Building) and what should the work processes be in order to maximise the benefit of this compared to traditional consultant Engineeer's working and handing over drawings/model to a builder.

    Thanks guys, you're assistance and wisdom would be very much appreciated.
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