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revit structure / robot intergration.

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    revit structure / robot intergration.

    I have revit structure 2012 and revit 2013 building design suite premium on my system, being premium, no robot loaded.
    The engineer I work with remotely has the revit ultimate design suite, with robot to do the design check.
    They send me a robot .rtd file as part of the design process.
    From what I can work out I need robot on my system to use the robot integration extension?
    Please confirm if that is correct?

    Is there an alternative way to pass designs between our offices?


    John C

    You need Robot to open .rtd files.
    An alternative to pass designs, is that the engineer uses the extensions and creates a Revit file. Or you send him the Revit file, and he then uses Extensions.
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      You should model first in Revit then send design to Robot for analysis. Beware that pushing back model from Robot to Revit will very often turn bad. Even if you get Robot on your pc to use the rtd file through extension, result is almost useless IMHO. My 2 cts.
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        In addition to what Julien says, engineers tend to split beams and columns at intersections.
        It is easier to modify the structure in Revit manually then to export it from Robot.
        I had good results using the following workflow:
        1) Create model in Revit
        2) Add loads (optional)
        3) Export to Robot and calculate structure
        4) Update the Revit model (not recomended).

        In Revit, loads and combinations defined in Robot are not visible, but they are not lost. I believe they are saved in a file, because after the Revit model is updated and sent to Robot, the loads reappear.

        I don't know anything about 2014 versions.
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