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Doors doesn`t mirror with SPACEBAR

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    Doors doesn`t mirror with SPACEBAR

    Some doors doesn`t mirror with spacebar when placed. Usualy this is a good thing. For coordonation. I mean, you have to make one more step to press the blue arrow after the door is placed, so this way MAYBE you remember to check a custom parameter like Mirrored Door.
    With the spacebar mirroring you can forgot about initaiate this manual coordination procces.

    Anyway, the question is why some complex doors can be mirrored with Spacebar placement and some not.

    Klauss door doesn`t work with Spacebar (the RFO Door that is in the Download section)
    Door_Single_Gen_RFOSG_WH - Downloads - Revit Forum

    Aaron`s door works.

    bouth of them have nested families and bouth make use of nested families that can be changed.
    I also have a door that behave like Klauss one.
    I`m happy that I can`t use Spacebar. But i just want to find out, what make them to behave different. So we can contro11 that.

    second question:

    How are you hadles these days the manual coordinations for mirrored doors, so we can schedules correctly. I remember it was a script in the past somewhere this forum.
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    Tested more Klauss`s door and I succeded to make it mirroring with spacebar. This are the steps:
    -place one door once is loaded (or not)
    -press esc
    -create a new one (with create simmilar or from PB) by only press space once(so the door will be rotated 180) and only than click to place it.
    -the next ones will behave normal with space bar (acces to mirroring thing).

    Now that I`m looking closer, Aarons one behave the same. So there is no difference. Just a strabge behaviour. Maybe all complex families behave like that. Didn`t noticed (At least the OOTB one let you place it from the start in any position with spacebar).
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      I've personally removed the flip controls to (try and) limit the loss of <Room:To> and <Room:From> functionality - and had (so far) not thought to look at the effect of the spacebar-flip - hoping I could "just" insist that the mirror tool wasn't (ever) used (in either direction) - but having just looked, it would appear my doors do go a little screwy with either methods...

      As it is, I'm focusing on the hardware aspect of my door template(s) at the moment, but will definately add this to the list of things to iron out before the re-roll out.


        unfortunately, spacebar can not be avoided/removed


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