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    View Filter Newb - Filtering Elevation Types

    Hi All,

    On our 1/8" scale plans, we only want to show "Building Elevations". However, every time I draw a 1/4" scale elevation or toilet elevations, those show up on the 1/8" scale plans. I've been hiding things in view, but as we create more interior elevations, it'd be great if they simply did not show up. And with Revit, there's a way, yes??

    We have many kinds of elevation types now in order that we can assign different view templates (I LOVE this new feature!), so I imagine there's an easy way to filter things using the name of the elevation type.



    exactly. Just create an elevation filter for each type (by family name). Then load them up and turn them off!

    You can also use the "hide in scales coarser than" parameter in the elevation properties. This will hide it in all scales coarser than whatever scale you set it up for.

    So, if you choose 1/4", it will show up for 1/4" and above, hide it for 3/16 and below.


      Haha, I didn't actually know how to create a filter either, but Google is pretty great for that. I followed the instructions in this link (Creating a Filter - WikiHelp) and it seemed to work ok.

      Thanks for sharing more possible options - I'm sure those will come in handy for other drawings


        Then use View Templates and control the you have control over those elevation types in your entire project.
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          Some VT & Filter possibilities:

          Revit for newbies - A starting point for RFO

          BEER: Better, Efficient, Elegant, Repeatable.


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