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    Originally posted by dzatto View Post
    I remember, but 75 DPI won't work. He needs at least 100 he said. Maybe the 300 @ 10% math doesn't work, but you get the idea. lol
    Now that I know I can just type in the DPI I want, that will save a lot of time.

    Anyway, here's the finished product.
    Dan, just for the Record... DPI doesn´t mean anything while standing alone... Neither does physical size...

    DPI = Dots per Inch

    So in your example 96"x48" at 75 DPI = 96*75x48*78 = 7200x3600 PIXELS

    Or 96"x48" at 100 DPI = 96*100x48*100 = 9600x4800 PIXELS - Divided by ten, that´s a whole lot less than my suggested 75 DPI (And also to small for a sign like that)

    Summa summarum - Never ask what DPI they want (at least not without the physical size too), ask for the size they´ll need in PIXELSxPIXELS :beer:
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      Point well taken. I can't be held accountable if they don't know what they are talking about!! lol

      Dude, it's 4:30 in the morning. Go to bed!


        Originally posted by dzatto View Post
        I have a call into my sign guy. He usually wants 90 DPI so I wonder if 75 would work. There isn't a way to adjust your DPI is there? You only get 4 options, right?
        Originally posted by joeyd View Post
        you can enter the dpi you want directly into the printer output setting, overriding the default values.
        You can even get higher dpi's if you type in the box 1200 dpi is the maximum not 600.
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          We upped the RAM in the VM machine and it still didn't work.

          We also noticed that it's only showing 1 core while rendering in RAC 2011 64 bit. It's set up with (4) dual cores. Would this be the issue? How could we fix it to render with all cores?

          We bumped the memory to 16Gb, and it showing it all to be there.


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