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[10/2011] - 3D Rooms

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    [10/2011] - 3D Rooms

    Applies to: - Revit Architecture

    New Feature / Problem:
    Ability for Rooms to display in 3D Views, and adjust automatically to walls, floors, ceilings, etc. which define the shape/volume of the Room. Have 3D Color Schemes
    for color display of Rooms in 3D views for early concept design presentations, etc.

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    Currently Rooms do not display in 3D Views. There are numerous
    "workarounds" such as creating Masses to "fill in " as 3D Rooms, transparent colored "fake ceilings" etc.

    We really need true 3D Rooms to display them properly for a variety of presentation
    and documentation documents.

    Place a 3D Room, which uses not just room bounding walls and columns, but also floors, ceilings and ( tilted walls! ).

    Create a 3D view or Camera/Perspective View and the 3D Room appears and can have a 3D Color Scheme applied to it.

    Correct Volume is calculated from the basic 6 sides/planes of the 3D Room.

    Eliminates time consuming and error-prone workarounds for trying to "fake" 3D Rooms
    with Masses and /or transparent "fake" ceilings, etc.

    Provides a new 3D Room which uses a 6 surfaces ( including sloped floors and ceilings,
    and tilted walls ) when it is created. Provides accurate Volume Calculation for downstream energy analysis in other applications.

    Can adjust to complex volumes like Theaters with sloping floors and ceilings.

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    Yeah I'm with you. i would like to be able to do 3d stacking diagrams where I could color volumes defined by bounding walls, floors, and ceilings.


      Do spaces show in 3D?
      Rooms are a major presentation and documentation tool for me. This is where my input generates data I can use for calculations and building code checks. If Autodesk is going to do a rethink, can we please do away with sketching area's? Give walls etc. extra options: room boundary, area boundary, space boundary etc? I know, definitions of what constitutes a certain type of area may vary, but those criteria could be modeled as area/room/space type properties in stead of level properties or project settings.
      There must be a better way...

      Ekko Nap
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        Revit Rooms can calculate volumes using walls, floors, roofs and ceilings....

        Turn on 'Areas and Volumes' calculations and your rooms can't extend beyond room bounding elements. I haven't tested diverging roofs/walls only converging...
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          FWIW : a "full" model export, i.e. not "current view" or "selected", with rooms turned on in the export view, sends 3D rooms to Navisworks. I discovered this yesterday - and know it's not much use to most - since it doesn't answer the key points of the wishlist request (I too would like them in Revit natively, since that's where most of the work gets done) but just thought I'd share.


            Originally posted by jordan View Post
            Yeah I'm with you. i would like to be able to do 3d stacking diagrams where I could color volumes defined by bounding walls, floors, and ceilings.
            This would be great, especially the color schemes, but I agree with jordan. I don't place ceilings right away, and on new construction I would prefer to use 3-D rooms to program with. It would be great if the rooms could be placed as programming elements, with all their room data and user defined dimensions, and then "fit" to modeled walls, floors and ceilings later in the project
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