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Face Based Wall Cut Angle and/or Curtian System Corners

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    Face Based Wall Cut Angle and/or Curtian System Corners


    Is there a way to control the cut angle of the top and bottoms of walls that are associated by face to a mass? My gut tells me no. See Image 01 attached.

    I would do all the wall assemblies (be they curtain wall or 'regular wall') as curtain systems (so the cut angle would be perpendicular to the face) but I have had no luck getting the joins and corners to work.

    I have also included images of just my metal panel skin as a curtain system. Both with no mullion at the corner (Image 02) and with an attempt to get a 4' 'L' corner for the situation (Image 02).

    Complicating the situation is that both walls cant out at 7 degrees and their join angle is not 90.

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated; I think using curtain systems is the right move; I just suck terribly at the corners.

    Thanks so much,
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    What you need is:
    a. A curtain wall panel with adjustable angles at the side (which would be quite difficult to make since these are normally Areas with an extruded thickness)
    b. A corner mullion. They can adjust to any corner. It's probably not entirely what you are hoping for but I'm guessing it's the next best thing. Try some fiddling around with the OOTB L- and Quad-corner mullions.
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      I will look into the quad corners...I did throw that on there and it was not the rigth fit OTB...I will fiddle.



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