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Renovation: Wall Opening in wrong phase

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    Renovation: Wall Opening in wrong phase

    I have an existing wall with a door and a couple of windows. The client wants to create an extension (additional room) and then demolish the existing door, windows and wall to connect the addition with the existing house.

    When I demolish the door and windows, revit creates an infill element for them. So what I did was to create a wall opening in order to "cut" the existing wall and create the connection.

    However Revit created the wall opening in the existing phase and I'm in the new construction phase. I don't want the wall opening in the existing conditions but I can't seem to find any way to change the phase of the wall opening.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
    Juan Carlos Moreno
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    Split the existing wall, or edit the profile, and demo the wall that is the exact size of the door, so there is technically no infill. I do hundreds of them that way.
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      Or create an empty window with just an opening in it.
      Wall openings are placed in the Phase the host wall is created on, same as other openings.

      Real quick and dirty: go to the existing phase, select the wall and all infills you want to keep and copy to clipboard. Then set Phase Demolished for all of them, go to the Phase New and paste alligned.
      Be aware though: this screws up your Schedules and might cause problems with your Phase View settings. In this case you can also create an extra in-between phase before New in which you paste (this way it will still show up as Existing in your Phase New)
      Martijn de Riet
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