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Annotations - Hide at Scales Coarser Than...

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    Annotations - Hide at Scales Coarser Than...

    I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why some section tags weren't displaying on my elevations and am curious why the behavior occurred in the first place.

    Demo plan with 4 sections in it, 2 on the front, 1 on the side, 1 at the rear. Sections and Elevations all had the same VT applied (respectively) and the crop regions were all where they belonged. However, the side and rear sections had a different "hide at scales coarser than" setting and I have no idea why. I never changed them and that isn't a setting in the VT. What would have caused them to randomly pick up a different setting? I'm the only person working on this job, no worksharing or linked files to mess with.
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    Sometimes they inherit the Scale of the View they were created in, and this gets thrown into the Hide at Scales....
    We create 1:20 Plans & the Elevations for them get by Revit Default Hide at...1:20


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