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Schedules onto Sheets?

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    Schedules onto Sheets?

    I think that I'm about to ask a quite a newbie type of question, but never mind here goes.

    I'm fairly new to Revit and am in the process of self-learning the program, and have started to look at setting up room schedules. When I set this one (image below) onto a Sheet it gets all messed up and unreadable (image below).

    Could someone please give me some advice for what I'm doing wrong? The sheet size is A0 - 1189mm x 841mm.
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    Once on the Sheet, Click on the Schedule it will give you Handles on Columns to adjust the Widths....Play around a bit to get the Desired proportion. You can also edit the size/font etc of the Text in Appearance Tab in edit schedules.
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      This should help:

      Adjusting Schedule Columns on a Sheet - WikiHelp


        Thanks for your help........I knew it would be an easy fix.

        Actually, another question if you don't mind?

        Once I've placed the schedule onto the sheet and it fits and is formatted to appear correctly, is there any way to scale the size of the entire schedule so that it can go onto other sheet sizes if necessary? Rather than adjusting columns, the entire schedule in one command.


          Only through change of font type and size (in 'Appearance' tab).


            okay, thanks :thumbsup:


              You can also group the schedule:
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                Thanks Cellophane, I'll take a look at the link.


                  Lisa, I'm curious what you mean by change the scale of the schedule and put it on different sheet sizes?
                  While it IS possible to put the exact same schedule on more than one Sheet, you can't change the looks of one schedule without affecting it on all of the Sheets you've placed it.

                  What you CAN do, though, is Duplicate the Schedule in the Project Browser, and then adjust the appearance of the COPY for a different size Sheet.
                  A lot of people are afraid to do this because they're thinking "but it's a different schedule. What if it changes?"
                  There's the beauty of Revit. It's not really a different schedule. It still has the same data associated with it, so a change once is a change everywhere.

                  You can easily make one schedule with 1/8" text, and another with 1/16". Or one that's tall and narrow, and another that's short and wide.
                  The values will still be the same on both.
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                    Hi DaveP

                    I was curious that if I had set up my schedule to suit an A0 size sheet, and then for whatever reason decided to reduce the sheet size....if I could load the same schedule on the smaller sheet and scale it down to suit as a whole rather than adjusting the sizes of individual columns etc. I suppose it's because I used to work on Architectural Desk Top and could generate schedules in similar way to Revit and then adjust the scale in the properties once inserted onto a sheet.

                    While the duplicate option is reasonable, it still means that I am producing multiple schedules rather than having the option to scale the schedule to fit the page.

                    Thanks for the advice though, I'll take whatever I can get!! I'm slowly working through formatting my schedules and sorting parameters etc, but will get there eventually.


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