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Chamfer like frame and walls

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    Chamfer like frame and walls

    Right now I have a couple of doubts and I dont know how to proceed.
    I was hoping soemone could help me out.
    1. First I need to build a big frame (vertical and horizontal) around a house Chamfer like. (see the images attached section and floorplan.)
    2. Some walls have openings also chamfer like ( its concrete) with windows perpendicular to the actual wall. Tricky see also the floor plan...

    Whats the best way to solve this? wall sweep?

    Attached Files

    1. Edit the wall profile the achieve the chamfer.

    2. First insert a window that's pushed all the way to the face of the wall. Then use an in-place family void to cut a openings in the wall. It may fail with the in-place void interfering with the window opening, so you may have to use a void to cut the chamfer and the window opening and use a custom window family that's just a component rather than a window family and remove the opening object from the window itself.


      Hi Alex, welcome in RFO.

      I disagree with servids for the front wall. I would use an in-place wall, made from a 3d sweep.
      I would try to make a custom window family, maybe without parameters if it's a one-use only.
      If I may, will the window on the right be waterproof?

      Hope it helps.
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      P. DAC
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        The window on the left is "easily" done by customizing the opening in the window family (swap the opening with a void)

        But the window on the right is giving me a headache... but I think I would opt to do it the same way... with a very customized family and opening (void) and with the window rotated 90 degrees compared to regular windows.
        Klaus Munkholm
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          Sorry about my advice on the front wall, i misinterpreted the front wall when i first looked at it. I looked at it as an elevation rather than a section.
          Last edited by servids; March 31, 2011, 03:23 PM. Reason: Correction


            I would go in another direction:

            For the window in the front:
            1. Create a Wall with the full thickness including the chamfer.
            2. Place (named) refplanes on the front and back of the desired chamfer
            3. Create an In Place Swept Blend Void in front elevation view using these refplanes.
            4. Place your window with a Void (not an opening) just big enough to cut out the remaining part of the wall.

            For the side windows, just about the same:
            1. Create a Void Extrusion to make the cutouts in the Wall (btw, this will only work if the top of these windows isn't chamfered. Otherwise you will need multiple voids to get the correct form)
            2. Create a Curtain Wall with the correct sizing OUTSIDE of the Walls. Set to Disallow Join.
            3. Move the CW's in place.

            I don't have Revit on this laptop so I can't test it, but this should work nicely.
            Martijn de Riet
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