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Scheduling Revision Clouds

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  • Duncan
    Looks like this is just not possible in Revit at the moment. But there is a free tool from the trustworthy Case-Apps folk: | CASE APPS

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  • paul.vanderheiden
    started a topic Scheduling Revision Clouds

    Scheduling Revision Clouds

    (My 1st Revit Forum Thread!)

    I want to find a way to schedule Revision Clouds. I have set up a issue/revisions schedule for sheet titleblocks but am still experimenting with other types of schedules and learning what particular elements can be scheduled. At our firm in the past, we use Word to list out specific changes within revisions, basically linking a tag of corresponding clouds to a bullet list of specific changes that can be easily reviewed by the contractor. I tagged each cloud to indicate the revision number and added a label below the triangle to identify the cloud mark.

    Is there a way to schedule individual clouds so that we can skip the Word process by simply pasting a schedule onto a new revisions outline sheet? Within the identity of each cloud (probably under comments) is where I would input the text about the change. Ideally, the mark would be a subcategory under the revision number.

    Under the schedules dialog within the project, there was no category to schedule revisions or clouds. Within the revisions schedule properties dialog of the specific sheet family, there is no availability to schedule marks or comments of individual cloud identity data.

    Is this even possible?
    Help? Please and THANK YOU

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