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Extended functions for a Keynote Tag

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    Extended functions for a Keynote Tag

    With relief, both of my current project teams are keen as mustard to take on keynoting. One hasn't even started a specification, not even in draft, so the other is flying ahead - using them for even pre-details annotation (nice).


    The other team (without the spec.) are a bit more cautious, and are looking to it's adoption in later stages of detailing - and we had a quick review of "next steps" today and a absolutely sound question got raised (in response to my, "lets not use text yeah?")... you ready for it?

    "If we can't use text, how do we write construction notes in my details on a need-by-need basis, because the specification driven keynote won't capture that" which I, foolishly, said "Easy. We can add an instance-based text parameter for comments".

    Only to subsequently learn. We can't. Or at least, I can't. Can we?

    Has anyone worked out a way to get the keynote tag saying anything more than the default "Value" & "Description" ?

    Sadly no. One of the reasons I've not pushed implementation further. The best you can do is make a set of numbers for these notes and key them as User Keynotes.
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      You can still use the keynotes, but you may want to set up a separate text file for project text and a separate legend that filters out the spec items. In the text file, the keynote value might have a value of "1", and the description might say, "Contractor to........" I use this method a lot for demolition and reconstruction notes. Attached is an example of one I just started.

      Another thought is you could use a multi-category tag and use something like "Type Comments" as your parameter. Of course the biggest hurdle here is adjusting the text width in the tag so you get more than one word per line.

      Of course all of this is predicated on users using objects in their detailing and not lines. I still like to use text on my drawings, because sometimes this is just the easiest way to describe the "one-off" conditions.
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        Keynotes dont have to be an all or nothing thing. When using them (or smart tags) sometimes i need a note that i still type in with Text, if its so specific that there isnt justifiable cause to make a User Keynote.
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          Originally posted by snowyweston View Post
          ...Has anyone worked out a way to get the keynote tag saying anything more than the default "Value" & "Description" ?
          If the note is unique, a simple leader will text will suffice, but for anything that is repetitive you could assign a portion of your keynote file, maybe the top portion, for typical notes, that you can update frequently. Then, to use them, you could duplicate the default keynote tag as another type with Keynote Text on, Keynote number off, maybe an arrow for Leader arrowhead, and a leader. Then, select "user keynote" and pick your selection from the top of the list. That's the closest you can get to have a keynote that works as text. So, this keynote won't be "Value" & "Description", just "Description", with a leader. To use the other typical keynotes, simply switch to the default keynote tag.
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            Just to be sure I was being clear, (I think you've all got it though) hopefully the attached explains what I would really really like.

            But I'm still getting from the responses it's just not do-able. As you'll see in the screenshot my "solution" so far has been to use the comments field, but they don't appear in the drop-down box cross-categories, so general notes like "Contractor to..." in jcoe's example would have to be copied verbatim cross-categories, whereas the user keynote feature (something I've never used to date) seems to keep that more consistent.

            Question is - how would I get the user keynotes when I'm using NBS to author the specification, (that exports to the keynote .txt file)? I'll look for a general notes section in NBS Building, but I suspect that might be a copy/paste job with each export update - which could prove quite cludgy.
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