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Doing construction in revit structure

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    Doing construction in revit structure

    I've asked the same questions on revit structure sub forum, but I figured it out this one is the most active, and maybe someone from here could also help me

    I have a project done in revit architecture 2011 (placed walls, doors, windows, slabs..) and I would like to know how would it be the best way to add construction in revit structure. I believe I should link that project between two, or maybe I should work with the same file.
    Next, I would like to know what is the best practice adding construction to this kind of builiding inside revit structure (I have something similiar to the origami house),r:15,s:0

    I did a wall by face command for all those slanted walls, and I was wondering if there is some kind of function in revit structure for structure by wall or something like that.
    Hope you will find time to answer my questions

    If you are on Autodesk subscription for Revit there is an extension that allows you to add wood framing to walls within your project. The Tool is called the Wood Framing Walls tool, and although it indicates the use of wood, I am pretty sure any profile shape can be used. Additionally if you are trying to create joist layouts for floor framing, or ceiling/roof layouts, Revit includes the Beam System tool to create framing a spcified shape and spacing.

    In regards to Revit Structure, out side of the Beam System tool and the Wood Framing Walls tool found in Revit Architecture and the subscrtiption extensions there are no additional tools to make it faster to create framing. One method for workign with Revit Structure is to link in the Revit Arch model, and use that as a reference while you create the structural framing. This would make it easier to keep the framing separated from the other architectural elements.

    Additionally, there is another product which is an add-on to Revit called StructSoft. This tool allows you to create framing assemblies, then shop drawings of parts used to create the framing. I have some clients here in ORegon using it with success.

    Hope that gets you pointed in the right direction. Also Revit Architecture 2012 will ship with some new features to aid in "shop drawings" or assembly drawings. Check out my video on the Revit Archtiecture 2012 Construction Modeling:
    Ron Palma
    Applications Specialist
    Twitter: @RonPalmaAEC
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