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Site elevation vs. Shared Elevation

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    Site elevation vs. Shared Elevation

    Hello guys,

    Problem being my project is set up with the internal project elevation at 0, and a "shared elevation" at 15200 being the same elevation.

    Now for the site creation, the elevation of my site is, say 15000, but it seems like the sitepoints are using the internal project elevation (0), which means that the site ends way up.

    I have a feeling that somehow, I need to move the levels (with my entire building) up by 15200, but can't quite seem to get my head around doing so. -Of cause other that selecting all and moving everything up by 15200. I have messed quite a lot with "Project Base Point" and "Survay point - Internal"

    Anyway, would it be easier to link the sitemodel instead of dealing with all of this?

    Hi Kim.

    You could just create the site way up there, and then move the topo 15200 down when finished. Kinda sucks if you later needs to edit the topo, so I´d recommend linking in the topo instead, like you suggested yourself.
    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


      Hi Klaus, thanks for the quick response :beer:

      Yeah, okay, I see some problems if the need to edit the topo occurs. Other that moving it up and down when wanting to edit it. :crazy:

      Will try the linking procedure.. Thanks again..:thumbsup:


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