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Missing Grid Line 1

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    Missing Grid Line 1

    I've been searching the internet (and this forum) for about an hour now trying to figure this out. We had a bit of a messy set-up on our project. I am now adding the grid lines in and have had no problem until I try to edit a grid bubble to read "1". An error message continuously appears stating this grid already exists in the project and duplicate grid numbers are not allowed.

    Here is what I've done to try to find this one grid line that is the only one I cannot find:
    In plan, section, elevation and site, I have zoomed extent with the view clip window turned off
    Same as above I have "revealed hidden elements" and again zoomed extent
    Same as above I have checked to ensure no "temporary hide/isolate" commands are active

    All other grids are showing fine, only grid "1" is missing.

    Does anyone have any idea how I may perhaps "purge" this single grid line, or any way you know of that I may not have looked at the drawing to find the missing grid line?

    Thank you!

    Still don't know what happened or where it was at, but I solved the issue by selecting one of the grid lines, right clicking, choosing "Select All Instances\In Entire Project", deselecting all of the grids I wanted to keep (every grid I could see) and hitting delete. I was then allowed to number my grid line "1". Wish I had remembered I could do that before posting.


      FWIW, do you just have one Grid Type in that project, or might there be two? I have seen a situation where there is a bogus Grid Type, usually called Grid 1, which has no Grid Head assigned. You can easily end up with a very short grid line and no head hiding in plane sight somewhere. Insidious, that.

      Pragmatic Praxis


        Create a Grid Schedule and you can find and rename them there


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