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Lamp with actual emitting light

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    Lamp with actual emitting light

    I am tying to design a lamp. I already have the lamp its self built and the parameters are attached and work perfectly. So the lamp is basically done. The last thing I need is to add actual light that emits from the lamp. That way you can see change in shadows and such when rendered. Does anyone know how to add actual emitting light to an object in revit?

    You can create an object with a light emitting material....but its best to start out with a lighting fixture family so you have the light object...
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      You should begin modeling your lamp in the Light Fixture Family Template--this way the light source will already be available.

      But if you have created your lamp as a generic model, that is OK. You can try to "nest" a light source family into your lamp family.
      Or, you can open the Light Fixture Family Template, Save-as and give it a new name, then with your lamp family and new light fixture family open at the same time,
      use Copy/Paste your lamp geometry into your new light fixture family. Then add a light source, give it lighting characteristics and save the family.

      Then load it into your project and do some quick test rendering. If you are using Revit 2013, you can "preview" the lighting a bit using Realistic View, which now is able to show lights in the viewport without actually rendering the view.

      You can also use the Raytrace View and it will slowly render the view in real-time, progressively as time goes by (sort of like I-Ray in 3dsMax, except Revit does not use any GPU resources--only CPU/processor while in Raytrace mode.)
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