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    Automate your printing to pdf

    Hi All,

    Attached is an AutoHotKey script which runs a macro to print all of the sheets in your model to pdf.

    You will need to set up the paper size and orientation etc before running this script.

    The script will:
    * Start the print command
    * Grab the pull down list to select the printer (see note below)
    * Select to print the pdfs as one file rather than as individual sheets
    * Unselect views
    * Select all sheets
    * Print and save file

    There are two commands which are mouse driven - clicking the arrow to pull down the available printers and the the selection of the printer itself. Both of these are x, y, co-ordinates and will vary from screen to screen. Use AutoIT Window Spy (which comes as part of the package of dowloads for AutoHotKey) and when you are the the appropriate spot note the x, and y, co-ordinates - edit the script and input the correct info. All being well, it should run smoothly from then on.

    The hot key as written is Crtl Alt P - of course as with anything in AutoHotKey you can amend it to suit your needs. This has been written for PDFCreator but should work with any pdf printer with a small amount of tweaking.

    Once you have got it running smoothly for your setup, simply run the ahk file, (a small green H appears in the notification area of your toolbar at the far right hand side. From then on Crtl Alt P (or whatever command you set) will print all of the sheets to your pdf printer.


    ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 31 20.59.pdf

    ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 31 21.00.pdf

    printpdfmacro (1).zip
    Ian Kidston

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