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Lock floor boundary to walls

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    Lock floor boundary to walls

    Hi everyone,

    First - Let me rephrase my original question..

    Anyone encountered that floorboundaries only lock to the wall when the wall is "nudged" around? Both locking with "Align & Lock" and "Pick Walls" - Same result, floor flex when nudge, but if the move tool is used, the link fails.. :crazy:

    I would think the problem is the template I've used? Or is it Revit having a bad day?

    Anyone? :beer:
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    Almost always the floor boundary moves with the wall... In some cases I had this problem but I can't recall when and why...
    However, generally there is a connection to the walls.

    Is it possible that the wall you try to move was made after the floor?
    Even if this is the case, try to edit the floor boundary, move the line for 20cm for example and then move back to where it should... if you use align then a padlock will appear, even if you don't use it, it should work...
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      Yeah, discovered that - couldn't quite understand what was going on, never had that problem before. Anyway, rephrased the question, now it would be nice to figure out how to fix it?


        Just FYI, my floors move with my walls. I usually use the pick line or pick wall tool. I've never had that problem. Of course, now that I say that, it will start happening.

        Did you try it in an OOTB template? Just to see if it does it.


          I'll give it a try with the OOTB template tomorrow, the problem is at my workstation at work, at home there is no problem and all is well.


            when using the pick wall command, the floor will always move with it. make sure when moving objects, in this case walls, that the disjoin box is unchecked. many times i forget that it is checked and objects lose their association with other objects, or dimensions, tags, etc. are deleted.


              Good point, that might have done it.. Looking forward to checking it tomorrow :beer:

              Just tested, and everything seem to be okay now.. Most likely the Disjoin box was checked yesterday..

              Anyway thanks joedy for bringing that up, really helped
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