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    Cost of converting 120 staff


    I've been asked by my management what it would cost of to buy software, hardware, train, get on site consultancy and basically convert 120 Architects to Revit in 2 years.

    Currently we have about 10 people who use Revit on certain types of projects, and the rest use Bentley, a bit of Sketch Up (happy to get rid of that) and Rhino and a 2 or 3 Viz experts on Max. The system works very well, everyone can deliver BIM where required.

    The management keep getting MEP engineers applying pressure to provide them with Revit data on all projects, and management, as usual have no idea about technology and how it should be applied in different disciplines. I'm actually very surprised and disappointed my management are listening to MEP engineers and don't have the backbone to stand up to them.

    I personally think it's a bad idea as who knows where technology will be in 5 years time, who knows where Revit will be and who knows where Bentley will be and who knows where Trimble will be etc etc, but I have to go through the exercise anyway.

    So .... I guess plently of people on this forum have done this before. What sort of things does an office need to consider and what type of costs is the company looking at?


    I'd start with your reseller for pricing software and basic training services. They have the leg up on pricing over any other reseller servicing your area because they have a relationship with you now. Any prices we speak of probably won't be accurate for your region and situation. They can also provide advanced and custom tailored consulting services to see you through projects over the two years.

    You'll need to consider the condition of your existing hardware and network to decide how much money is required to support Revit over the next 5 years. If your equipment is nearly three years old or older then you'll be looking at a large investment in newer computers, unless you consider a cloud based solution. Still costly but spending money differently.

    Ultimately there are many ways to tackle the real training and implementation process, apart from your reseller. Starting there will give you a single point of reference (benchmark) for everything but hardware. If you move beyond that initial stage then you can work to refine the actual approach you use to get it all done. You are dealing with the "can we afford this?" phase, much like the "can we build the building we really want" phase with your clients.

    By the way...

    Originally posted by bjohn
    ...I personally think it's a bad idea as who knows where technology will be in 5 years time, who knows where Revit will be and who knows where Bentley will be and who knows where Trimble will be etc etc, but I have to go through the exercise anyway...
    This is why you've had 60 odd views since you posted this and had no replies till now. You've essentially said, "This is a waste of my time". My reaction and probably many others is, "Why waste my time responding if that's his perspective". You've doomed the adventure to a poor outcome and you haven't started.

    I find it ironic that you are finding MEP engineers prodding your firm to use Revit more. The reverse situation has been dogging Revit MEP since it was introduced. Good news for MEP though in my's taking hold. It is very difficult for new technology to challenge the incumbent process and tools.

    You are correct that many of the members here are in a position to help you arrive at a number. The way you presented your case, you've provided really lousy incentive to kick it into gear though. My 0.02 cents.
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      + (Revit SLM RRP Cost x 100) + (6 x Revit SLM Subscription Cost) + (2x100 $1500 Workstation) Users w/workstation upgrades)
      + (BDSP SLM RRP x 10) + (6 x BDSP SLM Subscription Cost) + (2x10 $2000 Workstation) Visualisers w/workstations upgrades)
      + (BDSU SLM RRP x 10) + (6 x BDSU SLM Subscription Cost) + (2x10 $2500 Workstation) Coordinators w/workstations upgrades)
      + (Kiwicodes Family Browser RRP x 120) + ($100 x 120 for misc. apps) All
      + (2 x Windows Server R8 RRP Cost) + (2x $3500 Server) infrastructure
      + (Typical Fee rate @ 2 days x 12 months x 5 years x 120) training
      + (Average Salary x 120 x 5 x 120%) rewards
      +20% contingency

      = a lot of money. But better to be realistic.


        Snowy - thanks for the dollar take on it. I guess that's what I roughly gathered for the hardware. We have about 20 new spec machines this year. There would be another 100 to go. I'm actually struggling to put a dollar value on the consultancy and training and how we might tackle that in line with project requirements. If we are to do this properly I don't want to waste time and ultimately money by being conservate in this part.

        Steve - I'm glad you brought up the "I think this is a waste of time" thing. My management only want a price, and not my opinion. They already know my opinion. Having sat back and thought about what you said and you are absolutely right. I presented my case as to how I feel and demonstrated my opinion and how it opposes my managements opinion. If I were to be honest I'd like to see our Revit useage increase, but not to be the only design app. Yes the MEP engineers have had quite a lot of influence because on 2 big projects we have right now, the MEP engineers are the lead consultants and management want to get in tight with them.

        Personally I have participated in 2 Revit projects in our office and myself and 10 others have completed some training. We have yet to use the time of consultants but if we were to fully convert we'd have to do it properly and invest. I have no loyalty to any particular design software. I'll happily use whatever best suits the task. I am certainly a novice at Revit but I did enjoy learning something new, no different to anything else. Right now I'm on a project using AECOsim which is new and we wanted to give it a go and see what it's like. It's all going well and there's some good stuff in there. Next project I might be able to give Revit 2013 a run. I just like mixing up technology whatever flavour it comes in.

        We are a pretty tech savvy office and do what I think is some pretty cool stuff with a range of design software so for me, it's the varying range of design software that I believe keeps us at the edge. I don't believe its right to lose that. So at the end of the day, I really don't believe what management are asking me to do are in the best interest of the company but I have to get on with the task at hand ..... just my opinion. I certainly didn't ask the question to spark a application vs application. For those who use multiple apps we know how pointless that really is. (though I did mention Sketch Up - my bad)

        I'm just trying to get an idea of costs. If it flies it flies. If it dies it dies. So be it.


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