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Same old callout question...

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    Same old callout question...

    When placing a detail callout you will need to select the view to be referenced and then proceed to place the callout bubble. My question is; Is it possible to place only the callout head and not the leader?

    We generally have struggled with this by simply making the leader as small as possible and getting it to be almost completely hidden by the callout bubble head. It's just frustrating that there seems to be no way around this problem.

    FYI, we are working in Revit structure 2012 primarily at this point (although we will be moving quickly into 2013).

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks for this?

    Thank you.

    I don't think you can place the callout without the leader.

    Just recently on a project, I needed an "L" shaped callout but, as you know, callouts can only be square/rectangular. So I used a filter to change the linework of the callouts to be white, and used detail lines to make my "L" shaped bubble.

    By making the lines white, it also made the leader white; however, the detail reference stayed visible. You still need to use detail lines to re-create the callout outline. Maybe this method can help you?
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      I will play with the filter to see what you are talking about. But it sounds like it will be even more effort than what we currently do.

      When we have a text note in a detail and we want to reference another detail we will use a detail callout bubble. This draws the eye instantly to it and also has the advantage of being "live" (so if the detail is moved on sheet the detail number changes parametrically). So, for this purpose the callout leader is unnecessary. I understand that in Revit 2013 there is a new feature that allows for a "live" text callout (like detail such and such on sheet so and so). But for earlier Revit products we aren't so lucky.

      I suppose the only way to change this would be to alter the program code itself somehow.

      I will play with the filters. Thanks for the suggestion. :-)


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