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    Central Model - Architects File

    The architect has made a building model available to us on their website which we need to download. I have downloaded & placed into our file.

    When I open the file, it says 'the central model has been moved or copied from C: (their drive). If you want to save this file as a central model, resave the file as a central model'

    So basically, I need to know if it is normal practice to save the architects model as a central model on our system before we begin our M&E works.


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    I'm thinking they didn't detach from central before they uploaded...I may be poven wrong but I would use their model only as a link into your own file. As you won't have anything to do with the architecturals, why would you make this your central?
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      ^^ What he said.
      But if you really need to open their file, just check the "Detach from Central" box on the Open screen
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        It doesnt matter if they did DFC before they uploaded it. If youre planning on OPENING their file (which you dont have to do, to do your work, and (imvho) you shouldnt do it at all), you *HAVE* to DFC and make a new central file. Or you can open with Detach from Central, and purge the worksets out.

        but a central file coming from anywhere will always need to be opened with DFC and reestablished as a central, unless they put it in a path that is IDENTICAL to where you will store it, like C:\. And that.... wouldnt be smart.
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