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Thread: adding key notes in Revit MEP

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    adding key notes in Revit MEP

    what is the most productive way of adding key notes to the sheets in Revit MEP?

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    I think this is the first time I have heard the words "productive" and "Revit MEP" in the same sentence...huh.

    I would suggest using the TXT file, and than keynoting by sheet or project.

    Any other option takes the I out of BIM.

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    We use a generic annotation symbol that populates a note block. It's pretty efficient when used correctly.

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    Research the "rich man's" key note features. The "User" key note is your friend for "vaguely" using key notes to identify a wide range of things. It's all based on the same source file so they are very consistent. You can have a single all encompasing sheet with keynotes or provide keynotes legends on each sheet. Some careful filtering can provide just what you actually placed on each sheet or just let people look them up on the master sheets.

    If you go this route you'll want Steve Faust's Keynote Mgr tool (Revolution Design), it makes the editing of the files much more "fun"!

    Fwiw, I refer to the Note block keynoting approach the "poor man's" key note. I do so because it's based on scheduling the occurrences of unrelated annotation symbols, you can't filter by sheet, and you have to have a unique type for each kind of "note". It's different (maybe less slightly) "overhead" but has some limitations too.

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