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Thread: Service Type and Phasing

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    Service Type and Phasing


    I have found an interesting issue I hope yall can shed some light on.

    I have a construction project, and we have modeled the pipework. Systems assigned correctly, etc.

    I wanted to make a legend of service types (as I have done in our ELEctrical containment model) as a previous phase (titled 'LEGEND') to colour pipes by system or template.

    Funny thing, when I set pipe to be created in this new phase and demolished in phase 'existing', all system data disappears and fittings become detached from each other?

    Any Ideas why? This is frustrating as #@%&!

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    That is just what phase demolished does to MEP elements. It should be changed but Autodesk doesn't care.

    I don't use phase demolished in Revit for MEP items. The only visual control thing I use worksets for is demolished items. We model everything in the correct phase in our main workset and the split items where needed and switch the demo items onto a demo workset. This allows us to use filters to control the line style.

    I'm not sure what your trying to do with creating a phase called "LEGEND".
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