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Thread: General Arragement Drawings in MEP

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    Smile General Arragement Drawings in MEP

    Hello everyone, I wish to know how General Arrangement drawings are done in Revit MEP. I work in firm that has been using AutoCAD for over 20 years now. Recently they wish to move over to Revit - Architecture, Structure, Mechanical-Plumbing.
    I have a fair knowledge of Revit MEP, but notice it generally that is excellent for detailed workflows. What work flow is best for those 1:5000 scale site plans?

    Thanks in advance.

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    For generally showing where things will be? I would suggest using Area Plans. They can be easily sketched independently of the room bounding and stuff and work with colour schemes/legends
    To sketch distribution routes you can use pipe or duct placeholders.
    I wish our designers would do this as they mostly dont even use Autocad any more and sketch stuff on PDFs...

    Once you get down to a bit more detail you can use Spaces to make colour plans, which show all your design/specifications for the rooms in a visual way.
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