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Thread: Sleeving

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    On the last project I did, my sleeving was set up to display the following from linked models:

    Beams and drop panels (structural framing) on level below.
    Room layouts on current level.
    Plumbing fixtures.

    Hidden were the following:

    All MEP.

    On my new project, I wasn't able to transfer view view templates, so I'm setting it up manually. I have all the same VG settings except that the walls on the floor below are showing. This might be due to the fact my view range bottom is -1000mm (cut plane is 2000) but if I set the bottom to 0 as I did on my last project, I don't get to see all the framing. Seeing the walls below would be fine if I could somehow shade the walls on the current level to differentiate, but it's not working.

    Any hints?

    Discipline = coordination
    Linked models = underlay

    I tried setting the discipline to structural but this hides all stud walls amongst other undesirable effects.

    Completely stumped.

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    Sounds that it would be easier to set this up with the view template from the previous project. What happened when you tried to transfer that view template?

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