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Thread: Duct line types / visibility settings

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    Duct line types / visibility settings

    I'm trying to make Revit duct plans look good as AutoCAD ones.
    Are these "rules" possible? Far as I know, first three are bossible, but not at the same time.

    1. Duct edge line type is automatically selected by elevation.
    2. Center line is user definable (type and width).
    3. Hidden parts are correctly displayed with hidden lines.
    4. In insulated ducts only outer line is displayed. And its line type is displayed correctly by elevation.

    Picture from AutoCAD/MagiCAD shows what I want it to look like.

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    If you set your visual style to "hidden" and turn on centerlines for your duct and duct fitting categories you will get a centerline on all round duct but not rectangular. You can specify what style of centerline you want, for example, I picked Center 1/4".

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