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Thread: Groups problem: Copy/Paste (Aligned to Selected Levels)

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    Post Groups problem: Copy/Paste (Aligned to Selected Levels)

    Hello! When i create groups (pipes+air conditioner unit), i need to copy and paste it to other levels because i have typical floor. Then some error show: "Elements need to be disconnected". I click to "Disconnect" and show "Group instances of the same type do not contain identical members. Press "Fix Groups..." to select from options to make the groups consistent. Corresponding group members in different group instances diverge in the following respects: - different base heights relative to the group origin".
    I need a solution! Please help me!
    Thank you!

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    Have you checked the height of each part? Most pipes and HVAC components tend to stay at the same elevation, but you might have a component that's not connected or doesn't automatically connect to the other components.

    For now, you can move specific parts of the group individually. I'll experiment and see what happens when I move a group of pipes and fittings up to another floor.

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