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Thread: Can a pipe fitting be converted into a pipe accessory?

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    Can a pipe fitting be converted into a pipe accessory?

    Looking to convert pipe elbows into radiator valves without having to manually delete the elbow then add the valve. Can this be achieved?



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    Hmm.. possibly. You could first make a separate elbow family for the radiator valves and select it everywhere you want to convert (So you dont convert all your elbows). Then with one of 'valve' elbows selected do Edit Family, change the category to Pipe Accessory, then reload/overwrite. At that point you can select all the 'valve' elbows and switch them for your valve family..
    However, its unlikely this will work without generating a load of errors. For, one thing the positioning of the connectors in your radiator valve family and the parameters that control the size will need to be exactly the same as in the elbow.

    You could also directly switch pipe fittings to pipe accessories using Dynamo, but the likelihood of errors would be the same.
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