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Thread: Project Templates

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    Project Templates

    We have recently gone from using one model for all four disciplines (MEPT) to individual models for each one.
    I would like to be able to set up one model and copy it 3 times.
    Does anyone know if I can apply templates to a model after it has been created? I know I can transfer project standards. But is there a way to get the appropriate families into the respective discipline models?

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    well my first thought was TPS but beyond that it's copy > paste or export families > load families.
    the idea behind a template is that's where you start. If you don't start from a template then everything else after that is transferring or copying.

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    Thanks for the reply Elton. I figured as much but thought I would put it out there.

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    You can create a source/seed file with this content that is grouped per discipline/systems. I use the method "Load as Group" tool for model content, & for other 2D stuff "Insert views from file" tool like for Code sheets per market sector or other Market Sector type data/families that is not typical/common between all the sectors that the firm specializes in. I do the same for details of typical system types, so why recreate them when you can have a good starting point from typical/sim details, then reference views away. I do the same thing (Load as Group) for Multi-Family Unit Types as well as to maintain the design intent instead of constantly editing the Group in the project, which it's bare-bones as much as possible & only the spot of the Enlarged Unit Type is where it's then embellished further with finishing content like casework/millwork, finish walls/flooring, lighting, & FFE.
    That way you don't have to bother with customizing Templates every time there's an update to families/details/Sheets per Discipline/Market Sectors & only maintain a hand full of "source/seed" files, which I use CTC's BIM Batch tool (Family Loader/Exporter) to quickly refresh content updated in the library if not then replacing or only opening the files to insert new content within the groups or new content to a drafting view; or to transfer project settings updated in the Template.
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    View Templates can be transferred between project files, but if you use "Linked Views" for your architectural backgrounds, those settings will be lost.

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