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Thread: Show Sleeves, Hide Valves & Other Pipe Accessories

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    Show Sleeves, Hide Valves & Other Pipe Accessories

    Good day everyone, curious how you guys hide main categories, but show subcategories.

    I usually have a workset called SLEEVES so I can do sleeve drawings while hiding all other mechanical stuff.

    But this time I'm minimizing the number of worksets because I have a ton of them - one for each level, one for each link.

    So I created a sleeve family as a subcategory of Pipe Accessories.

    Problem is, I want the subcategory SLEEVES to show, but I don't want valves.

    I also don't want to modify every valve I bring in under it's own subcategory VALVES.

    Would like some help here. Sounds like I'd better stick with a separate SLEEVES workset.

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    I would avoid this route and instead filter by another parameter. Consider filtering against the Support Discipline parameter exists (assuming that parameter is available in your sleeve family).

    In general, I use subcategories for objects such as clearance zones within a family whose other geometries I would generally leave on.
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    Thanks, I never even considered that

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    Filters are the way to go for sure. If you're looking to isolate to a specific family you could turn off the others via a filter where the Family Name does not contain "Sleeve". There are other parameters available in pipe accessories to filter by. Find the one that works for you.

    Visibility via worksets is prone to error.
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