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Thread: Revit links and VG

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    Quote Originally Posted by josephpeel View Post
    Dont do that... put them in the shared levels and grids workset like everyone else should! Thats what it is there for...

    Go to Manage Links, Select a Link, Click Manage Worksets, Close 'Shared Levels and Grids' and they will be globally turned off, for that link, in all your views.
    So long as everyone actually uses the universal Shared Levels and Grids workset this solution works for any link, and in both directions. You could even build it into a template project with dummy links if you wanted.

    Also worth noting that if you use the Filter method and it doesnt work, you need to have a copy of the linked family you want to filter in your own model too. So copy paste it once.
    the model is now a central model.. im in the local I click on manage links, click and link and manage worksets is greyed out?

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    The Filter way is the best option IMHO (for both Grids and Levels) due to its inherently global nature of on/off for Links but not your own. My grids and levels have MEP in the Type Name so I use this as a means to filter mine from the others. You never have to jack with it. If there's ever an MEP in a link, then I make a quick name change and everything updates across the board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiceroadsfool View Post
    Search for it, and youll find a long explanation.

    For what its worth, i wouldnt rely on Worksets (yours OR other peoples) AT ALL for controlling the grid visibility. But your mileage may vary. Thats also discussed in all the other threads.
    This! I've been using placeholder links since I first heard Aaron talk about it here some years ago. Works a treat! All visibility controls (and everything else) built into view filters in the placeholder so when I start a new project and get a new link file I just do a Reload From and the new link takes all of the controls from the placeholder. Basically click, click, click, done

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