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Thread: Revit MEP-help!

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    Revit MEP-help!

    hello all! my name is jared and I have been useing Revit MEP for a long time now. But recently I ran into a dilema. Please help if you have found a salution.. So i wanted to easily just copy and paste from one dwg to the other like Inventor, but that option isnt available when you right click the part that you want to copy. Is there another salution to this? Cause i really dont want to have to redraw the part.

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    First off you need to have BOTH files open.
    Select the families you want to copy. hit ctrl+c or cut to clipboard in the modify tab (this is not a right click option).
    In the second file either hit ctrl+v or the modify tab there is a paste button with multiple options.
    Now keep in mind it isn't as always as easy as copy/paste. RMEP families share relationships with connected families. So getting a portion may not work. Sometimes it is easier to create a group and than copy/paste the group than ungroup.

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    oh ok perfect! i will try that out. Thank you so much for your help. it is greatly appreciated.

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