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Thread: Revit 1016 with Fabrication ADD ON issues

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    Revit 1016 with Fabrication ADD ON issues

    Just started using Revit 2016 with the Fabrication Add on Package, I am trying to get to terms with using the fabrication parts available.
    just started doing some cable tray and looks good being able to use basket and supports.
    I started with ground floor but moving up to first floor i can still see all my cable tray from ground floor showing, i checked my view range and all seems ok. i tested it with using the revit cable tray and works as it should (no cable tray showing from ground floor).
    so it has to be a fabrication issue, so does anyone know how there how you create your views so you only see what is drawn in each floor?

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    Hi Texas,

    I have been using Revit's Fabrication Parts for drawing duct work for over a month. I have not had this issue at all, my View Range filters out the unwanted geometry without issue. I have not tried drawing cable trays with it, however, I'm assuming all ITM files work in the same way regardless of service or specification. Which makes me think there is something not right in your project.

    I hate to ask, but have you triple checked the elevation of the cable tray? If that is not the case, there may be a cheeky little tick-box just waiting to be ticked/unticked. I'm not the best at explaining Revit's in's and out's (doubly so for anything view related), however, if you could up load the project with the issue in it I could have a closer look at the problem.

    Just on another note, do you intend to fabricate the cable tray in-house? If not I wouldn't recommend using Fabrication Parts just yet.

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    I know zip about cable trays or how they work in revit with your that addon, but have you checked your view underlay settings? Does any of the cable tray geometry (hangers?) extend up into the next levels view depth?

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