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Thread: New in the forum/new in MEP

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    New in the forum/new in MEP

    Hi all:
    Im a new Revit MEP user, and I have no idea about pipping, (I only have a bit of experiencie in Revit Architecture), but Im here and ready to learn as soon as possible.

    I have had the holy idea of to design a Siphon in Revit but now, i have a lot of issues that i can't resolve, first: how to dimensioning an isometric view?

    Second: Anyone working with Revit lookuptables?
    I could detect that the table associated with the family (M_Elbow Long Radius-Flanged-CS-Class 150), has no the diameter with which I am working, it reaches the diameter immediately below, so I think, the results are not the expected. I can modify the radius of elbow curvature, but the connector is moved away of the pipe and the contact does not works well.

    Clarifications / recommendations are welcome

    New in the forum/new in MEP-sifon-codos-3.png
    New in the forum/new in MEP-sifon-codos-4.png

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    I think you need to lock the 3D view and then define a work plane for the dimension. I think. This isn't something I do in my models.

    As for the lookup tables, I would think you could edit the table to add the missing intermediate value.

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