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Thread: Semi-Multi-discipline

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    Question Semi-Multi-discipline

    In our office, we need to show insulated rooms: Cold and Freezer Rooms with the relevant equipment and piping.
    I was wondering what the best practice would be in this situation - there's more to it as always - than just getting the plan from the architects and including our stuff.
    The architets don't use Revit. I construct a rudimentary building (kept as a separate file as if I got it from an outside source) and bring it into my project.
    My question is many-fold:
    Should I draw the insulated rooms and associated doors etc on the architectural layout or leave it off?
    How, since I'm the only one working on these projects (I don't collaborate with any other business units within my company) should I bring the architectural layout into my project?
    Do I bring it in as a central file as if I were collaborating with more people than just myself or do I simply insert it as a "Link Revit" file?

    Input and opinion would be wonderful!!!

    Ciao for now.

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    I would probably create a simple room with doors & ceilings and link it in. This will make updates a bit easier should the room layout change.


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    I would be inclined, if one had gone to the trouble of making, in effect, an architectural model, to bring it in as a central file. Then you will enjoy the benefits that you get from this.
    I am unsure if the hosting benefits will apply to a linked in file etc.
    It would be interesting to hear how you get on.

    Ta the now,

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