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Thread: Disappearing Fittings

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    Disappearing Fittings

    So, when I select certain fittings and draw a vertical pipe, the fitting disappears after I select Apply. You can see in the image, the pipe with the Elbow with no riser. The two pipe that you see next to it that are not connected is what happens when I try to draw a vertical pipe from an Elbow. Things like this happen with other fittings as well. I downloaded the fittings from the Charlotte website. Maybe I installed them wrong?Disappearing Fittings-untitled.png

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    It wouldn't be the first Charlotte fitting I've seen that didn't work as expected.

    Can an you post it here with its lookup file?
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    I am using Revit MEP 2012. I fixed the problem with the 90 Bend. I'm not sure if it was the routing option, or un-checking the ALWAYS VERTICAL box in the Family Category & Parameters, but I got it to work. I have even messed around with the lookup tables on a few fittings to get some different sizes that I needed, but I still feel lost. Some fittings I am not able to make work. I have attached one in particular. It is a Two-way clean out that should have 2 size options, but I can only get the 3" to work, not the 4". There are other fittings that have the same problem. The smallest nominal size will work, but when I try to change it to another size, I get the message:"Can't make type "Pipe-Fitting_Two-Way-Cleanout_ABS-DWV_448_Charlotte : Standard". If anyone knows how to fix the attached fitting and can explain how they did it, whether in the Lookup Table or the Formula, it would be much appreciated.

    P.S. A little about myself: I was a journeyman Plumber who went to school at night to learn drafting/design. I was mostly taught using AutoCAD, but did get to experiment with Revit & Inventor. Revit is an amazing Tool, but if I can't plumb the same way I would in real life, then it does me no good.Pipe-Fitting_Two-Way-Cleanout_ABS-DWV_448_Charlotte.rfaABS-448.csv

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