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Thread: Mysterious Shifting Ceiling Fixtures

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    Mysterious Shifting Ceiling Fixtures

    We are using Face based Families for our Light Fixtures and Diffusers. When we attempt to place them in on the face of certain ceilings, the fixture shifts to a different location. Attached are two images. The "Placing Fixtures.jpg" image shows where the user is attempting to place it. Notice it is snapping to the ceiling grid intersection. The results are shown in the "Fixture Placement.jpg" image. In this case all fixtures for this particular ceiling are shifted down 2'-2 1/8". On another ceiling they shift is more severe in both the X and Y direction and actually mirrors the placement. This only occurs on certain ceilings. In another room with the same ceiling type, the fixtures place normally.

    Sorry, the images are in the wrong order, they uploaded alphabetically.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mysterious Shifting Ceiling Fixtures-fixture-placement.jpg   Mysterious Shifting Ceiling Fixtures-placing-fixture.jpg  
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