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Thread: 2d symbol for plan view of 3d family

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    2d symbol for plan view of 3d family

    I have a 3d sway brace attachment and I want an industry standard symbol to appear in plan view to represent the assembly. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks in advance!

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    There are a few ways to do this. You can use Symbolic Lines directly in the family to draw what you want (This is better for symbols that need to change shape or size with the 3D object), or you can insert a Generic Annotation in the family (Will always be the same size on paper, irrespective of scale).
    You may also want to select all the 3D geometry and set the Visibility Settings so that it is not visible in plan views (Some people prefer to make the 3D geometry only visible in Fine detail level instead).

    A fundemantal issue with revit is that often the location of the object in 3D and where you want the position/orientation of the symbol on a plan are not the same. Unfortunately much of the functionality available in blocks in autocad (Like rotation angle, scale, position etc) is not built into Generic Annotations in revit, but it is possible to make families with symbols that can be rotated or offset relative to the 3D model. Take a look at the example in this post if youre interested in how this works:

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