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Thread: Rotating Reference Line Endpoints Changing

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    Rotating Reference Line Endpoints Changing

    This is my first post, so I apologize if this may be in the incorrect place (or a bit wordy). I am trying to incorporate roof curbs as a nested family in much of the mechanical equipment currently in use in my department. All is well with the exception of getting the curb to rotate correctly (to match the slope direction of the curb to the slope direction of the roof).

    I have searched around, but have not been able to find any similar issues thus far.

    I have a reference line (functioning as the work plane upon which the curb is placed) coming out from the intersection of the front/back and left/right reference planes. I have aligned the endpoint of the reference line to each of those planes and locked both constraints. I have also created an angle parameter from the front/back plane to the reference line to serve as the driving parameter for the direction of the curb slope.

    What winds up happening is that, when I enter an angle into the parameter, it seems as though sometimes,in addition to rotating the reference line about the intersection point of the front/back and left/right planes, the reference line also shifts such that the endpoint that was previously aligned to the plane intersection is now the outer point and the previous free point is now aligned to that central intersection.

    The end result of this is that the reference line protrudes in the opposite direction that it should, with my curb (which was aligned to the endpoint which was previously center-aligned) now floating in space at the free end of the reference line.

    In my first attachment you can see the curb properly aligned and functioning correctly. When I input a 270 degree rotation, you can see that the dimension itself shows that the line should protrude downward. However, the line instead protrudes upward, taking my curb off with it into oblivion.

    If anyone has any idea as to why this may be happening, or can think of anything I may have missed to prevent this, I would greatly appreciate the guidance.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rotating Reference Line Endpoints Changing-curb-rotation-1.png   Rotating Reference Line Endpoints Changing-curb-rotation-2.png  

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    Hard to say where did You align and lock Your geometry i can't see this on screenshot. Anyway rotation in revit sucks. There are errors if plane is driven by angle dimension when plane align to other planes. If You could share family I could watch and fix this error.

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    Yeah rotation is something they made unnecessarily difficult to do in revit..
    If you search there are loads of posts specifically on Rotation Rigs on this forum.

    Main thing is to lock the end of your reference line (Keep tabbing until you get the endpoint, not the line) onto the intersection of two other lines, to get a fixed rotation point.
    Also if you want to have rotation AND movement (Not just rotation around a fixed family origin) then you should draw the rotation line on the workplane of a reference line (Edit workplane, select, click one of the flat planes of the ref line). That way if you move the ref line the whole rotation system moves with it.

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    Alternatively, you could make your curb as a (swept) blend. Then you can control the height of all four corners independently as well as the width and length without having to worry about rotation.
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    For my curbs I've gone with the swept blend like evan describes, with some formulas to control the slope of the base.

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