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Thread: Pipe fitting family on different angles

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    Pipe fitting family on different angles

    Hi all,

    I am building my own pipe-fitting family.
    I have set my possible angles (in pipe settings) on 45 and 90 degrees.

    Nog when drawing pipes, the particular elbows are drawn on 90 of 45 degrees, that goes well.
    This needed sizes are drawn from LookupTable.

    But now I want to use 2 more lookuptable with aricle numbers, one table for 90degrees and one table for 45degrees.
    Is it possbile that the family sees on what angle is drawn, so that the article number can be actracted from the right lookuptale?

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    Yes, this is possible. See illustration.
    This is a test I made using the typical elbow family called "Elbow - Welded - Generic.rfa".
    • "Angle" is an instance parameter.
    • "Lookup Table Name" is a text parameter. It was a type parameter but I changed it to instance so that its value could be driven by "Angle" which is and must be an instance parameter.
    • Also, I opened the lookup table file called "Elbow - Welded - Generic.csv" and saved it as "Elbow - Welded - Generic B.csv". This second lookup table file was imported into the family using the Manage Lookup Tables button.
    • After the changes mentioned above, I put the formula into the Lookup Table Name parameter:
      if(Angle = 90°, "Elbow - Welded - Generic", if(Angle = 45°, "Elbow - Welded - Generic B", "Elbow - Welded - Generic"))
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pipe fitting family on different angles-2018-12-08_17-20-39.jpg  
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