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Thread: Pipe schedule cost for different size

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    Pipe schedule cost for different size

    I'm gonna get the schedule report and when i enter a cost value for ( e.g. 2" ) it applies the same value for all similar Pipe types( 3" , 4"...) .
    My question is that how can i create a pipe schedule cost for different sizes in same Pipe type?

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    When you enter a value in the Cost property, the value applies to all the pipes of the same type, regardless of their diameter, because the Cost parameter applies to the type of pipe in general. To enter a cost for each different size of pipe you need to create an instance parameter, such as "Cost x Foot" or "Cost x Linear Unit" as shown below. Sort the schedule by size, and uncheck "Itemize every instance", then enter the correspondent cost of each pipe size. Then, create a new calculated value such as "Total Cost" that multiplies the Length of each pipe segment by the "Cost x Linear Unit". Then you can edit the schedule some more to get a summary of totals per each size.
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