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Thread: Annotation Visibility

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    Annotation Visibility

    I have a number of MEP ceiling hosted families which contain nested generic annotation families.

    When the floor plan above the level at which these families are hosted is viewed the annotation elements are visible (model elements in family are hidden by floor slab).

    View range bottom parameter can be set to a lower value than the offset of the family from slab level and this hides the family but I do not see this as a viable solution. This would require changing view range for a large number of views which would potentially cause presentation issues.

    See attached file for example.

    Is there another solution?
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    This family is not ceiling-based, as you said. And the fire alarm device is not being hidden by the ceiling or floor, either. What happens is that the model part of the family is being obscured by the annotation part. That's why all you see is the text "SD" and not the smoke device when the scale of the view is 1:100. Because the model object is still small but the annotation has to grow with the scale of the view, the big text hides the small device. The solution is simple: edit the type properties of the label in the annotation family. Set the Background property as Transparent. Then load the annotation family into the fire alarm device family, and load the fire device family into the project again.

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