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Thread: Formula Help

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    Formula Help

    I am hoping someone might be able to assist me in the writing of a formula for a family I am currently building. I am hoping there is a way to control a value with a Yes/No parameter, but at the same time if that parameter is returned as "no" that value can act as an instance value. Please see the attached screen shot. Since this family is able to flex in width the sinks are needing to be able to move. Usually I would just leave this as an instance parameter, but I am wanting to have a option that you just select that will center the sink ( "Sink Centered" ). To my best understanding this might be able to be done with an IF statement in the "Sink Center" Parameter along the lines of IF(Sink Centered,Width/2, [If False]) but I am unsure of what to put for the [if false] value that will allow for the parameter to act as an instance, if this is even possible.

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    You will need another parameter that is actually moving the sink, then place your formula in that parameter.

    if the Center checkbox is selected, use the width/2, otherwise use the ItemPlacement value.
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    On a related side note:
    Maybe make those Sinks "Shared Nested". I use Room/Area Occupancy tracking parameters to measure up against actual Plumbing Fixture counts. You can either tract live fixtures or use a Parameter to tack Fixture counts based on options, which I use as to more easily/accurately track options as I have many nested variations/options to choose from (so not to double count the shared nested items not graphically active) to keep layouts standardized (based on given parameters) & also have "flexible" versions. Food for thought.

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    Thank You So Much! This did exactly what I needed it to do :-D

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