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Thread: Annotation families??

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    Annotation families??

    ok so i am hoping that this is going to be something that i will be able to get out of my head and on here so someone can understand.

    i am in plumbing and we use flow arrows, i hate the fact that when you place them and end up having enlarged views, then have to move your piping. now i have to go and clean up all the flow arrows from the changes. i know that you are able to put a flow arrow on your piping, and then if you select it, move it off and then place it back on with the piping highlighted it will give you a little locket. if you click this you are able to lock that annotation symbol, flow arrow or whatever you want to call it to that piping. so if you move the piping the flow arrow will move with it.

    is there a parameter that you can add to be able to get this? and make it so i dont have to re-select it move it off and back on to get that locket to show up? i am being told that this is a stupid idea and a waste of time. anyone have any thoughts.
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    a) This is the kind of 'CAD Standard' stuff that I try to avoid at all costs in Revit... They have to be manually placed, there is no way to automatically get the flow direction so you have to check and rotate every one, if the pipe is moved or deleted you have to go and clean up this sort of crap on multiple views..... so ask why you need to do this and if it is worth valuable hours of your life.

    b) If you must do it then use a Tag. The advantage of a tag is it will always move with the pipe and disappear if you delete the pipe. Make sure the origin position in the tag is correct so that it gets placed correctly on the centre line of the pipe. If you select 'rotate with component' then the tag will pick up the orientation of the pipe, but you will still have to make 2 Types for the different flow directions.
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    You could also use a fitting but I'd generally advise against adding a bunch of extra stuff to the actual piping. We've been using symbols and had the same issues with moving pipe. The tag idea is great. I just made one in about 3 mins from the inline pipe tag although mine is acting strange. I can place it on the pipe or above it....

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    Definitely going to back josephpeel regarding a Tag.

    Quote Originally Posted by CRapai View Post
    You could also use a fitting but I'd generally advise against adding a bunch of extra stuff to the actual piping.
    Bad Revit!! Don't do it! lol... just kidding. But not really.


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    I use a simple tag family for this as well. Like Josephpeel said, it's annoying because the flow direction is manually selected, i.e. fallible. One the one hand, I wish that Revit could get the flow direction from the Piping System. On the other hand, very often I don't bother connecting every object in a plumbing system (to save time/$) so the system isn't reading any flow anyway. Relying on Revit to determine flow direction would require me to make sure that every plumbing piping system was modeled and "working" in the model, which I simply don't have time for. I'll do it for Duct Systems, but not a basic office building plumbing system.

    My tag family has a label that displays the System Abbreviation, and left/right arrows. The arrows' visibilities are controlled by yes/no Type Parameters, and the Tag family has two types, one for Left Arrow and one for Right Arrow.

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