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Thread: Connector doesn't follow nested family

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    Connector doesn't follow nested family

    I've made an in-line pump where I've nested the suction guide and flow-trex/multi-purpose/angle valve into the main pump family, which I've placed my connectors onto. The connectors maintain the correct location across different pump sizes, but after a certain point (bigness), the connector on the valve no longer follows the changing geometry. I.e. the connector is positioned correctly at sizes =< 150 mm, but positioned incorrectly at sizes >= 200 mm.

    I tried placing the connector on both the biggest version and smallest version as this sometimes seems to work if I've had connector issues, but to no avail. Nothing changes in the family except for the dimensions of the geometry. I've also tried changing the dimensions in my pump family as that also seems to sometimes "refresh" what's happening in the family, but also no luck on that front.

    I poached the suction guide and valve from the OOTB Revit library, and the only modifications I've made is to reduce the number of parameters and delete the connectors out of them. I've modified the pump family itself from the manufacturer so the parameters and geometry are not quite to my liking, but never had any issues with the family before.

    I've never had any problems like this before so I'm super confused......
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