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Thread: Different Led-array's in Profile

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    Different Led-array's in Profile

    Hi all,

    There is maybe a easy solution for my question but i'm breaking my head on it for the moment . .
    I have this profile, where you can add different LED array to it.

    The Profile has a family and each LED-array too

    Our client requested 4 formats :
    3110mm - 12W and 48W
    6200mm - 2x 48W and 36W
    2260mm - 48W
    1710mm - 36W

    I would like to add them all into the profile family.

    for example:
    If the profile is 3110mm long, there should be a 12W LED-array (560mm) and a 48W LED-array(2240mm) inside the profile.

    Is there a way that you can make them "auto-select and -align" into the profile-family?
    Or should i just make a checkbox for each LED-array family so I can check/unckeck them on each a different Family type ?

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